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Here's what the 'Saffron Club members' have had to say:

Hello Leksy,

Having just reordered my saffron tablets for the next year, I wanted to let you know how excited I am.

I have been taking your high quality saffron for two years now. Yesterday I attended my annual optician appointment and saw that the excellent progress I had made last year had been surpassed. My macular is almost completely healed.

Last year the optometrist was sceptical that the positive changes might be due to the saffron tablets, but this year he is as excited as I am and says this is a career changing moment for him.

I am 63 years old and take one tablet daily. If I need to take these tablets for the rest of my life it is an excellent investment. I am sharing my good news with friends and family and am very happy to endorse your product.

Dear Leksy

Benefits from Saffron tablets : I was diagnosed with the beginnings of MSD over 20 years ago, and began taking saffron tablets about 12 years ago after I heard about their possible benefits.

At that stage my eyesight had begun to deteriorate noticeably, but within a few months it began to improve and continued to do so to the extent that up until very recently I have been able to read the newspaper without using a magnifying glass, and I am still able to drive under certain conditions.

Over the past few months I have noticed again an increasing deterioration, but I am so grateful for the extra years that the saffron has given me. I can still see well enough to play Scrabble which I enjoy and play regularly at club and tournament level.321

Phyllis Paltridge (2019)

I was diagnosed with the beginnings of dry Macular Degeneration nearly 7 years ago at the age of 80.

A few months later I learned about MD Revision, so I have been taking the Saffron tablets ever since.

Just one a day. I had an eye test last week and my MD is stable. I thoroughly recommend this product.

Wendy Frances Russell (2019)

All I can tell you is that I’ve been under the care of a Retina Specialist for the past 3 years – with a diagnosis of dry ARMD in both eyes. I’ve been taking your Saffron pills for almost 2 years – in addition to the AREDS 2 pills that I had been taking since the diagnosis.

About a year ago – the Dr. determined that the dry ARMD in my right eye was turning wet – and he started a series of monthly injections. After 3 months he changed to a stronger medicine – Eylea. I’ve since had 3 Eylea injections – with the interval between injections being extended to the current 9 weeks between injections – due to the fact that my ARMD has not progressed – and it seems to be dry.

When the injections started – I also upped my dosage to 4 saffron pills per day – and whatever the combination of treatments – I have thus far experienced no vision loss, and it seems that my right eye is no longer with wet ARMD. I know my wife gives credit to the saffron pills, and I believe it has helped. Thus, I continue to take 3 tablets per day.

Gary Graham

Dear Leksy,

I would like to thank you all for your commitment to growing so many crocus flowers and the arduous job of collecting the stamens in order to make these Saffron tablets.

It is six years now since I started taking your Saffron tablets and my wet macular has been under control for the whole of this period. My retinal specialist advised me to keep on taking them.

Betty Marg

Dear Leksy,

I am giving you an order – 260 tablets = 4 months’ supply – before my existing supply runs too low. Like I always seem to do! So, there is no hurry at the moment but better if I have them.

My eyes seem to be holding their own – which is good, but no improvement at all. But so pleased they are no worse as the degeneration appeared so quickly and I am now having injections in one eye. It has changed from dry to wet.

Thank you so much
Audley Wylie

Dear Mrs Sresthyarangri,

Could I please have some more ‘Saffron Drops” – please note new address. My eyesight is so bad now I had to come to this retirement village. Many thanks,

Patricia Upton (2019)

Dear Leksy,

I am 70 years old and have just recently been diagnosed with MD in my right eye and came across your saffron treatment when investigating treatments over time.

I have read the information, trials and testimonials which sound very exciting and feel I would like to try it for myself. I would like to purchase the two a day, 4 month supply please. I look forward to receiving my supply and getting started.

King regards,
Anne Wrightson (2019)

Thanks for the warning on international shipping. My last order was received practically overnight! I've been getting ARMD shots for ten or more years and I've been very pleased the ARMD was "arrested".

It's been some months since I've used your products but at my November ophthalmologist appointment my DR suggested we skip the shot and wait eight weeks since there was a small improvement. At my January appointment the laser photo showed a significant improvement and my ophthalmologist suggested we once again skip the shot and wait twelve weeks before checking.

The only thing I've done differently in all the years I've experienced arrested ARMD is to try a bottle of your product at the suggestion of my opthalmologist. I'm very anxious to continue its usage.

Thank you!
Dan MacMurray
Daniel E. D. MacMurray, USA

I have been taking the tablets now for a few months. I had dry md and one eye has turned wet. I had an injection yesterday and increased my tabs to 4 daily .

My eye Dr says to do at least 3 or 4 injections and then see what happens. He said to keep going on the saffron tabs and has increased my macu vision plus tabs to 2 daily.

I will keep you informed to whats happening.

Regards Maryanne.

Hello Nethiyanan,

The people at the Eye Clinic in Waikato Hospital have been very kind and sympathetic towards Ian. They have recommended some supplements which they say have been proved to have been beneficial for people with macular degeneration but have not heard of SAFFRON tablets. However, based on the testimonies we have read and the experience of our acquaintance Ron Hackett, Ian is persevering with the saffron tablets. He will be 84 in a few days and his driver licence has just been renewed for another two years, although he has not driven for many months. I am looking forward to being able to tell you that he is driving again!!!

Thank you for your help and God bless your efforts in using what He has provided to treat this sad ailment.

Sincerely From Lorraine,
Hamilton New Zealand

Dear Leksy (Nethiyanan),

I am most upset at your loss of Andy, just when you were getting underway with the saffron tablet business.

I made a copy of the tests carried out with saffron tablets and gave them to the ophthalmologist which were very impressive but could not get him to discuss saffron tablet treatment. I agreed to his treatment of injections to my left eye but after four injections I do not have any clearer vision of the lines on the ophthalmologist grid chart. The eye doctor states that the macula is much improved but so far I am not impressed. I am convinced that the antioxidants from Saffron will help me.

Yours sincerely,
Henry Hroll

I am always relieved to see your site very active!  I hope you are doing well.  I am still driving and reading to the surprise of my doctor.  I really think that your saffron pills are helping to maintain my vision and I want to tell you how grateful I am.  I have decided to double my daily dose so I will order the largest bottle this time.
I will be placing my order today.

From Prince Edward Island Canada, my best regards,

Thank you for order Australia post apparently have become more efficient package arrived Monday 26/10/15. I send another order to you yesterday 27th just to cover while you are away. I am very pleased with the tablets, still have another 2 injections to seal blood vessel. However, the good news is that I have good visual acuity and was able to start driving again. 

Kind regards to you, 

To : Leksy

Thanks Leksy - I am in good with my order so I won't run out of tablets. I hope all is well with you. In June I had my second cataract lens implant - it has settled down now & I have new glasses. I can't believe the difference to my eyesight now - better still there has been improvement in my MD I don't see any wavy lines. I am over the moon now. Please keep up the good work!

Warm regard,

Marjorie (Australia) 

Thanks so much for the lovely email. I appreciate that you wrote to let me know - and wish you happy holidays! Actually, I, too, ordered the saffron for my own Mum (Hot for myself) who is 92 years old and is in excellent shape, with the exception of the MD. I like to research the most advanced and leading edge natural remedies and healing modalities. That's how I came across your website. Of all saffron websites/products, intuitively I felt that yours is the best. So we look forward to great results for my Mum. Thanks for all you do, and for sending the studies which I will read.

All the best to you, Dianne (USA)

This is 2nd order of saffron I started with 2-pills per day for 2-weeks. Then I went to 3-pills per day I seem to be seeing some better now. I will stay on 3-pills for the next month, then go back to 2-pills per day.

Many thanks,

Richard (United States)

To : Leksy Stewart

Upon visiting my optometrist a couple of months ago I was pleased to hear that my dry macular degeneration has appeared to have slowed. I have been able to see my pupils in the mirror without glasses not totally clear but couldn't do that before. Thank you for sharing this wonderful remedy with us all and having the patience to grow the crocus flowers and produce the tablets, I am sure you will all be rewarded for your efforts knowing that you are helping so many people.

June Water

To: Andrew Stewart

Thanks Andy. I have had remarkable results since starting the saffron tablets, my right eye damaged by four needle injections has almost recovered full sight. The other eye is almost completely free now of MD. Your saffron pills have changed my condition from almost down to one eye and having a severely disabled right eye to being almost completely free of eye problems. Within the next six months to a year, I expect to have restored the eyesight I had in my thirties.  You may use anything I send in advertising or, if you prefer, I will send you a printed and signed letter fully endorsing you and your product.
Thanks Old friend, Jim

- James Adams

To: Andrew Stewart

Dear Andy and Leksy, my recent visit to the Optician (Specsavers) showed no change in my MD since my last visit which was just over a year ago. That is very encouraging isn't it.

Yours faithfully, Tess McAulay

To andrew stewart  
Hi Andy.have been on the tablets for the last couple of months now & started to notice after two weeks on 1 a day that the lines in my book wernt running together which made reading a bit easier so I was really happy. Have gone on to 2 a day as I felt that was a good idea and am happy to stay on that amount now but I NEED A NEW SUPPLY. PLEASE SEND THE [2 a day supply]

Hello Andy,

Thank you for sending Mum her saffron tablets as ordered (you are super efficient) and so I have paid for these today. I have included the balance of the first payment and included postage and handling of both postings.

I would like to share with you that Mums eyesight is continuing to improve and we are delighted with this. Consequently her mood and confidence is improving as well. She lives on her own still and so this is great for all of us. I am going to suggest to her that she start taking four tablets and see if that makes a difference.

Keep up the great work, Regards, Gayle Litchfield

To Andrew Stewart  

HI Andy, I hope you are well also Leksy and your Mum. I had my eyes checked out today and the MD has not changed. Still the same as 1 year ago, so looks like the Saffron has halted the progression. Hurrah. I have significant cataracts, but they are not much worse than one year ago and do not seem to affect my vision. Hope the week has gone well for you and family. kindest regards,

Wendy woo

You may remember hearing from me quite a while ago - just thought I'd let you know how my MD is going. I have had three injections a month apart and have been taking your Saffron Tablets for the same time and I had an appointment with my specialist yesterday who found that my condition had improved quite a bit.

He recommended that I keep going with the injections but I refused. Instead I will keep taking your Saffron tablets - I feel they are what is helping and also they are a hell of a lot less painful. I have sent another order today.

Thank you
Jill Hubbard

To Andrew Stewart  

Hi Andy, More saffron please! I have just put $'s in your account.

I am happy to report that the effects I reported after not taking saffron all disappeared within a week after restarting.

Hope all is well with you and yours.

Dave Blackwell

Hi Andy,

I have had 2 miracles occur, I believe due to the saffron...I have not peed for 4 years, due to my acute renal failure...This has started up in the last month...the renal specialists have never heard of this being reversed! EVER!

The second miracle concerns the calciphilaxis cancer pain [it is like a burning crushing pain, at 10/10 instantly, even with methadone it can take 3 to 4 hours to stop! But for the last 2 ½ month NO pain!

I believe these 2 miracles are saffron coloured miracles. I can only wonder at what else is occurring inside of me...for the positive!

May I please order more ‘lollies’. I have increased my dosage to 3 ‘lollies’ per day.

Thank you so much for your ‘lolly’ support.
God Bless, Daniel Mackereth

I thought you would be encouraged by the news that I got from my eye specialist this week. I asked him how the AMD was progressing, as I have felt that it has not deteriorated for some time, and he replied that it seems to have stabilised.

Not a cure but certainly a sign that the saffron is keeping it under control. And I believe that there has been some improvement, because I am now reading books again (& not the large print ones), & have mislaid my magnifying glass because I haven't used it for so long. And I am still able to play Scrabble, which is a big plus for me.

So thank you for your part in this, and I thank God that I was watching Campbell Live on that night when he spoke with you & started on the saffron journey. I hope that others are having encouraging results too.

Yours, Phyllis Paltridge

Hi there! Thank you for your newsletter. I have been taking the saffron lollies now for perhaps a year and am taking 2 per day. A year ago I could not see the eye of a needle, and having been a keen counted cross stitch fan for years had to give this up and had not done any for a couple of years.

This week I decided I would give some embroidery a go and do a little doiley set. Well, I am able to do it and thread the needle for myself. It is wonderful. I don't think I will try more cross stitch, but am delighted to be able to do the embroidery. Thanks so much.

Kindest regards, Maureen Cornes

Andy Hi.

since getting the 'buy 2 get 1 free' deal I have upped my dose to 2 a day, there has been a marked increase in improvement. I will keep you posted. I am still battling the scar tissue left over from the injections, but it is improving! Jim

Hello Andy and Leksy,

We are delighted to tell you that John’s eyes have improved. He is absolutely gob smacked. His degeneration was at an early stage, slight blurring in the left eye, a little more in the right, he was having some difficulty reading smaller print in the newspaper as well. After just one week of one pill per evening he read something out of the newspaper (actually it was the horoscopes which is in quite small print) and I remarked that he read the whole thing without stopping to move the paper to a different position in order to see it properly, he agreed that he was able to see the print fine and then he realized that the blurring in his eyes seems to have cleared up – we are ecstatic.

I believe that our lovely elderly friend Margaret Elphick has also ordered some from Australia where she now has to live with her daughter due to failing eyesight, so we have our fingers crossed that she will also reap the benefits of your remarkable pills.

Keep up the fabulous work – you have no idea how much this means. Please use us as a referral should you need one.
Gratefully yours

Hi Andy,

Happy New Year Mate! I have been using saffron pills for almost a year now - eyes while we lived in GB, unfortunately when I arrived here it developed MD for which I had four injections -although the sight was saved it left scar tissue in one small area - this almost blanked forward vision. since taking saffron pills the scar is healing and becoming less of a hindrance, now I just don't know if the saffron has helped the healing, so I can't comment.

The MD in the right eye IS going, I notice it when I do my bi-monthly check. That's all I can tell you at this time. enjoy your holiday Andy, we will get down to see you later on in the summer.


Good morning Andy.

Thank you for all your updates and progress reports. WOW what a difference those liitle yellow lollies have made to my eyesight problem.After one month I was able to catch up on some sewing projects which I havent been able to do for the last year.

I also had my drivers licence test which I was stressing over the eyesight test. Funny thing, they forgot that part and I have a new licence anyway.I need to put in an order for more lollies and wondered if I would qualify for the special deal you mentioned.

I have lost the number you sent that goes with the bank deposit, I have your WP account details. Could you please let me know how much I need to pay for the new supplies. If you think I should carry on with the 3x month deal, that will be fine.Life is great and you have made a wonderful difference.

Warmest regards
Michelle O'Brien

Hello Andy,
Just found out from my Grandmother that the water pocket inside her eye has gone completely and after her test her vision has gone from being 10% to 40%.
She is eternally grateful to you for making those pills.
Regards Chris

Hi Andy,

I am not sure whether you and your wife are still on holiday. Hope you are both enjoying it and the weather was kind to you. Lots of wind lately. I have been on 5 tablets of Saffron and I did not notice any great change when I moved to 5 so thought I would stay at that dose.My eyesight is probably not as advanced as many others in your Saffron Family but my GP and Eye Specialist had told me I would not get a renewal of my Drivers License which has come up for renewal now.

I decided to move to 6 tabs this last week to give myself the best chance to maybe pass my Eye test for my license. I noticed a marked improvement with 6 Saf tabs. Monday I went for my Eye Test and PASSED. The following day I went and had my driving license renewed. You can imagine how excited I am.The Optometrist said she had no hesitation in giving me my license. The 6 tablets of Saffron has made such a difference to my eyes. So thank you, thank you again for the Saffron treatment.

From Lesley Skinner.

I am out of saffron and wish to purchase again. Can you please advise the $ amount again.
My right eye vision has improved since taking the saffron but then I have had an Avastin injection during the same time so its not really a controlled experiment. Nevertheless my specialist was very surprised at the recovery in vision last time he saw me and that was a few weeks after starting the saffron. Here’s hoping that the saffron will keep me away from the needle!
Regards and thanks Derek

Good Morning Andrew,

Some good news for you and your trial. I had an appointment at the Eye Clinic yesterday with the visiting hospital opthamologist who tested my vision after 4 months of treatment monthly with Avastin injections into my right eye which has wet MD. The test showed improved vision and stoppage of leaking from the macular in that eye. But most interesting for you and myself was that my left eye with dry MD also showed equal improvement in vision and health.

I received a call from the Eye Clinic this morning and they want me in tomorrow to do a full scan of both eyes to confirm their condition before deciding what further treatment I may or may not need. As a matter of interest I declared to the specialist that I was on your trial and that I was taking Saffron Tablets daily in which he was interested but non committal. I have been taking 2 tablets daily now for around a month after commencing with one tablet daily.

Kind Regards, Rob D

Hi Andy
Long time, no news – and that was because Mum was happy trundling along taking her saffron, not having noticed any major difference in her vision (or so she thought!) However, she has recently finished them, and in the last few days has noticed an immense difference – her vision appears to have deteriorated.
So, could we please order 90 lollies ....... You know, this is kind of exciting. I thought Mum had had no response to the saffron. It’ll be interesting to see how she gets on when she has restarted for a while.Will be in touch.
Warmest Regards
PS Tell your Mum she’s amazing ! - just as you are amazing in doing what you have done for her!

Hello Andy
I have deposited the money in your account and it will go in overnight.Mum decided to go to 2 tablets after 3 weeks as she found that there was more clarity with light etc. She can read better with one eye. Her other eye had a hole in the retina which was repaired and she doesn’t really expect that to improve too much. She says to send her thanks and we will let you know how things go in the future with the increase of tablets.
Cheers and many thanks Lyn

Hi Andrew,

I would like to order another 3 months supply of the Saffron for my mother. Mum hasn't notice a big difference, although she said when she went into the bathroom the other day she noticed the numbers on the scales and was quite surprised. She is now increasing her daily dosage to see if this makes any difference. So could we please have another 3 months supply. I do have your account details but checking if the price is still the same. Thank you.
Pam Matheson

Hello Andrew..

for your records I attach a copy of my internet transfer of the money to cover another 3 months worth of saffron lollies.
I ran out about 10days ago… have been very sick with flu/brocitis.. but it is true… I quickly noticed color/contrast deterioration once I stopped taking saffron lollies.. maybe that is what is meant as a "catastrophic relapse" for it is very noticeable
Regards Anthony van Osen

Great news, my mum just asked me to renew her Australian Women's Weekly subscription. I had bought her a subscription over a year ago for her birthday and when it ran out six months ago she said there wasn't any reason to get it because she couldn't read it. Now she can read it with little difficulty and has been buying the magazine so go the saffron tablets, they must be working.

We would like to order and pay for tablets as mum will be finishing them soon, is this possible? Regards Genevieve

Hi Andy, I sent you an email earlier today but got a message to say it couldn't be delivered, goodness knows why.
Anyway I put the money into your account and would like another lot of saffron tablets.I have notices definite improvements in my seeing capabilities, last week I went to a garden centre and could actually see all the plants and flowers. Also I am now able to see peoples faces and it is much nicer than seeing a blur.I hope that this email comes through ok. A big thank you for what you have done for folk who have impaired eyesight, it is very much appreciated.
Cheers Miriam Tappin.

Hi Andy, Since increasing her dose to 2 tablets daily my mother's vision has improved. She can now read the newspaper and also the North and South magazine which she enjoys - she had completely given up on these some time ago. She can also see the bed side clock during the night rather than having to get up to see the time on the large wall clock in the lounge.
Could you please forward me your address again so that I can send you a cheque. I need to get another supply for Mum - I have all of your emails except that one... I really enjoy hearing about the wonderful success that people are having - so life changing and life re-newing.

Thank you
Wendy McGregor

I just had to let you know I got my tablets on Tuesday
3rd July and took one on arrival and this morning when I was in the shower I could read the shampoo label and the conditioner which I haven`t done for months and I didn`t realise what a biggy that was in my life I really am on cloud nine today,
many thanks Jenny

Hi Andy,

My mother started on Saffron last Tuesday – no change yet but will keep you posted
Kind regards Martin.
Hi Andrew
Further to my last email, I have just spoken with my mother and today she has today noticed an improvement in her sight (better colours and more detail in particular). It seems fairly small but I am hoping that the improvement will continue and I will keep you posted.
She has been on 2 per day since Tuesday. Her big question: will we able to get on on-going supply of saffron?
Kind regards martin

Dear Andy
I have now taken the saffron tablets, one a day, for 18 days. Two days after I began the tablets I noticed a slight difference.
I could actually see to put on my lipstick (in a magnifying mirror) and haven;t been able to do this for some time.I haven;t noticed any significant difference since but feel there is a slight improvement but also wonder if I am imagining it. On the strength of your advice in last email I will double the dose from today and see how I go. Will definitely report in more regularly. I am very grateful for the opportunity to trial this tablet and am hoping for the miracle.
Kind regards Jan Scotland

Hi Andy,

Sophie here, I love hearing about your mums results, and all the updates you send. This morning I did my eye test and my right eye has improved A LOT! [and my right eye is the worst eye] But my left eye has not improved, but at least its not gotten worst. I have tried to have the saffron 2 in the morning and 1 at night, but I felt sick and had a headache, so I have gone back to 1 in the morning and 1 at night. I will email you again next weekend. It is SO exciting, this has been the most positive things have been for a long time. The trick now is to be able to hold my vision and lower my dose of steroids. Arohanui Sophie
(Sophie is ten years old, Andy)

Hi Andy,

My dad has MD possibly similar to your mum. He has had an annoying irritation in one eye for quite a while, after two days taking the saffron and two tablets a day, it cleared it up quickly and he says if nothing else happens he is so pleased to have that fixed. He has only been taking it for about 10 days so I am hoping he will get something out of the course of saffron. Will keep in touch and I am ever hopeful and thankful for this opportunity.

Thank you.
Kathy Graham.

Hi Andy,

In response to your bulletin received this morning. Tony, (my brother) and I have decided to follow suit with your Mum and increase his dosage to 4 Saffron lollies after breakfast. Tony, also is an advanced MD sufferer and is registered with the RNZFB for the past 15 years. Being a natural product Saffron lollie I am sure we wont cause too much damage, if at all!To date Tony has not noticed any change do the condition but tells me he will keep you informed with results of the increased dosage. He asks if is it possible to double the dosage into 1 lollie?
Thinks it would be easier to manage as they are so small.
Regards, Robin Ott

Hi Andy,

My father has been having 2 a day since the pills arrived. He has definitely shown signs of improvement. He was unable to read or write yet today he showed me 2 sides of a sheet of paper that he had written on and it was quite normal for his writing He is now also able to watch some television if he looks out the side of his eyes – he can’t see looking straight at it yet. Some colours aren’t right yet, particularly yellow which he cant see – it appears as white.

He is definitely happier than before the pills arrived as he thought that he was not going to be able to see for much longer. He is going to hospital on Monday for his hip replacement and he was not planning to take the pills over the 5 days he is in hospital, hopefully there will be no ill effects over this short period without them – what
do you think? Once again I would like to sincerely thank you for the opportunity for my father to try the saffron pills as his outlook was a bit dim to say the least.

Francis Basti****.

yes there seems to be a slight improvement, when reading the menu on sky tv, whereas could not after watching tv after a short time, and it is evan early days yet. regards chris.

Hi Andy
Just a quick email to let you know that your saffron lollies are working a treat for my mum’s MD which was diagnosed 18 months ago. She has been takening one tablet daily & has said it is like a mist has been lifted she is going to the supermarket & is able to read the items on the shelf some times now with out having to get her glasses out.

The biggest change that has occurred which used to upset her is her eyes no longer water like they used to , sometimes when she was out people often thought she had been crying & she would have to constantly have to wipe them dry which made her self conscious about them now her eyes no longer water & they actually look clear & healthy in appearance now!
Cheers Brendan Grannell

Hi Andy,
How interesting to read about folks experience after taking saffron.
I have been taking it, one per day, for just over three weeks and for the past couple of days I have been able to see my image in the mirror much more clearly than i have for many months. Before it was just a blur surrounded by grey hair. If the light is right I find the same with people, whereas their faces were blurry with ocassionally an eye or the nose or mouth showing up, their features are much clearer.
So thanks to you and saffron, I hope that it continues and may I say Thank you so much for your foresight and perseverence. Best wishes to all,
Miriam Tappin

Hi Andy
I have been taking my saffron for 3 weeks. I was going to start with 2 but thought I had better startwith 1. This made no difference so progressed to 2. This made no difference so my husband said try 3. After 2 days on 3 I had success. I noticed a amazing change in colours which one of your other people mentioned. Everything was so much brighter. It was Friday gone (the 13th but not a black Friday for me) and I could notice different colours in the trees, this is close by me. The TV colours are stronger also.

I cant remember when I saw colours like that last. Saturday was a dull day so not to many colours there but I did see images further than I had seen. So each day what ever the weather is showing different new improvements. My Family are very excited as I am. Would you suggest staying on 3 at the moment or go to 4. I am so , so grateful to you for doing this for myself and all the others. I am happy to order more saffron now or when they are available from you. Lovely your Mum is still progressing. Exciting times.

Lesley Skinner

Hi Andy
Thank you for your email. It is very exciting. Also yesterday I was taking the lint from the drier and noticed dust I had never been able to see before on the sides. A boring subject I know but another improvement.
I have dry Macular Degeneration and I cannot remember how long I have had it but last year my eye specialist could not work out why my eyesight was deteriorating faster than the macular was showing, so he had another college look at my eyes. I had a CT scan of the eyes and he said I had also Retinal dystrophy, which affects the cones and rods. I wonder if the saffron has helped here as well and that is giving me all what I call miracles. This may mess up your trial but it could also help people with other retinal problems.
I will keep you updated with anything else. My eyesight over the last 2 years has deteriorated a lot. I am 64 yrs old and am still working part time.
Thank you again Andy.
Lesley Skinner

Hi Andy,

Wendy woo reporting about Joan Bishop.
She started the drops last Thursday, 2 a day. I paid her a visit today and asked about her eyes.
She said she feels like something has changed with her eyes but could not explain what it is. BUT , Joan said she could see the pattern of flowers on her bedspread. Isn/t that fabulous. She could not see that before. We hope for continued improvement.
Best wishes to you and your Mum

Hi Andy Sophie here,

I have got really good news for you.
This week I went to the eye doctor, and she was really pleased, especially with my right eye she said its always been my dead duck, but now its got better. The saffron is definitely helping at this stage, and we are going to lower my other poisons. I am trying to take the saffron three times a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) I will keep you posted with the results. Usually it takes a month till my eyes get worse again when we lower my poisons, so keep your fingers crossed. In one month we are going back to the eye doctor to check again but we still do test's at home. have an awesome week
From your friend Sophie

Hello Andy,
At last I am in a position to report back on some progress since i received the "lollies" and started taking them on 21 June.
As i told you before, i downloaded a snellen chart and tested my eyes before i started taking Saffron.
The results wereLeft 6/15, Right 6/15, together 6/12
I retested on 7 July and obtained the following result
Left 6/12, Right 6/12, together 6/12
Retest 21 July
Left 6/12, Right 6/12, together 6/9
I am also finding that when i use glasses for distance while driving, my eyes are becoming tired as though the lenses are now incorrect.
I have been taking 1 saffron per day and i am considering upping the dosage to two lollies to see if there is a greater improvement. What do you think?
I hope you and your mum are both keeping well,
Kind Regards
Dave & Megan

Hello Andy,
Could I please put in an advance order for an other supply of lollies for our friend, Joy.
She has been taking the saffron for a while now and we think she may be running low.
After my wife read her your letter with various comments, she has gone onto taking two a day now.
My wife will need to check for her because she won't be able to count how many are left.
So far the jury is still out on the effectiveness, but the problem hasn't gotten any worse and we are hoping for some improvement.
Many thanks,
Peter Badart

Just letting you know I have noticed a slight improvement in my long sight. I used to get a opaque discharge in my eyes most days, and this has lessened considerably.
I have been taking two tablets per day for the last two weeks.
My MD is in the early stages and by taking the saffron I hope to stop the deterioration.
I would like to reorder the tablets. I will deposit the money into your Westpac bank account next week, and would be grateful if you would send me another 90 tablets.
My address is
Mrs Carol S
31 ***** Road
I am really grateful to be able to try your saffron, thank you so much for this chance. I will keep you informed with my progress.Kind Regards Carol S

Hi Andrew
Diane Wacrow here. Wondered if I could pick up some more Saffron lollies from you sometime for my father. I think I will get him to take 3 a day instead of the 2. Somedays he says to me he can see better and some days he is not so sure, so I think 3 a day is worth a try.
Let me know when it suits you and I can call in again to your place and pick up.
Many thanks
Diane Wacrow

Hi Andy,
I may be jumping the gun (but don't think so), I am a bit of an interloper here as well because I didn't contact you concerning a problem with MD, but because I got diagnosed with a brain tumour, which was discovered due to rapid eye sight loss.
I have had my tumour removed and was told by the doctors that my optic nerves were so crushed by the tumour that they would not heal, and although my sight would not deteriorate anymore I would not regain it. I could not see my dinner on my plate in front of me, I have not read anything for years.....
This morning I wrote my son a note (I wanted him to get bread and milk from the dairy), I wrote it without wearing glasses.....! Guess what, I could read it :-)
Amazing? YES
Thank you

Hi Andy,

you wondered about my M.D. condition. I have just ordered another supply. I think my M.D. is wet, I can no longer drive [ a condition I really miss] However I have been using saffron, from once a day, to 2 a day. for the last Month. I have only 28% sight in one eye, the other is considered blind. I used to have watering in my eye, which seems to have stopped, and my wife is saying the eyes look healthier. I think subjects are not quite so blurry, it is hard to know What improvement there is at the moment, but I certainly do wish to carry on with the treatment, and am hopeful of a definite improvement. Thank you so much. I do hope your Mother keeps improving.

Yours faithfully

Hullo Andrew

Many thanks for your updates. Sorry I have not passed on to you some comments on how it’s going taking the saffron tablets but when I get my desk cleared of Coastguard work I will send you an update. Briefly, I went to the Optometrist before taking the saffron and have a detailed report (with photographs) which basically indicates that my eyes appear to have changed very little since my previous examination in 2007. After taking the saffron for 3 months I will go back to Visique on Quay for another full examination (dilate the pupils) the full lot. This will give me a better guide on how taking the saffron is working. The report certainly contains terminology that is well above my head!!

I am taking one tablet per day and I have noticed that there appears to be obvious clarity in my vision. I started taking the tablets three weeks ago.

Had a call from the Campbell Live team –they are coming over to the Island possibly next Tuesday and will pop in and see me. They were thinking of coming today but the weather has not proved to be very kind to them, like the sea would provide a lovely bumpy ride and the rain has not disappeared completely. Will keep in touch. Warmest regards,

Hi Andrew,

My husband John has been taking Saffron - double dose, for around 4 weeks now, he said to tell you he is 'quietly optimistic' thinks that his vision when walking in the morning, is a little clearer, and noticing small changes, but not prepared or confident to stipulate more right now.
Could you please supply a repeat order, payment into your account tonight. Hopefully details are still included for delivery. Please email me if not correct.

Hi again from Rod Rowe 
My visit to the Dr. went very well. My right eye is the same (I have had 4 injections in it) and my left eye has improved a lot (this eye has had only 1 injection) I spoke to him about the TV3 program and would he be interested in going on it? He hesitated but decided he would like to think about it; I have forded your latest email, so he can see for himself that it looks good. Should he contact you his name is Dr B****** P****.
Kind regards Rod

Hi Andy,
Pills arrived in rororua after 3 days so that is good. My Mum has been taking one a day in the morning. She says she has some improvement but maybe 2 a day would be better. I'll tell her to do that.

Thanks Marietta.

Hi Andy
Thank you for your email. It is very exciting. Also yesterday I was taking the lint from the drier and noticed dust I had never been able to see before on the sides. A boring subject I know but another improvement.

I have dry Macular Degeneration and I cannot remember how long I have had it but last year my eye specialist could not work out why my eyesight was deteriorating faster than the macular was showing, so he had another college look at my eyes. I had a CT scan of the eyes and he said I had also Retinal dystrophy, which affects the cones and rods. I wonder if the saffron has helped here as well and that is giving me all what I call miracles. This may mess up your trial but it could also help people with other retinal problems.

I will keep you updated with anything else. My eyesight over the last 2 years has deteriorated a lot. I am 64 yrs old and am still working part time.

Thank you again Andy.

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the reports, I am still on one lollie a day I have noticed an improvement.(after 4 days)
However this afternoon I am due for a visit to the Dr about my eyes so will advise you of an official report.
I have spoken to Naticia Utting who said she will be contacting me when they do a follow up.
Kind regards
Rod R 

Hi Andy,
How interesting to read about folks experience after taking saffron.I have been taking it, one per day, for just over three weeks and for the past couple of days I have been able to see my image in the mirror much more clearly than i have for many months. Before it was just a blur surrounded by grey hair. If the light is right I find the same with people, whereas their faces were blurry with ocassionally an eye or the nose or mouth showing up, their features are much clearer.
So thanks to you and saffron, I hope that it continues and may I say Thank you so much for your foresight and perseverence.
Best wishes to all,
Miriam Tapp

Hi Andrew,

just giving you an update on on Mum's progress with her saffron. Mum is having a week on them and an alternate week on her vitamins, she has noticed that her headaches around her eyes have gone. Mum has a lot of trouble when the sun is out this hurts her and she wears sunglasses inside some days, so will wait and see how this goes and keep you in touch.

Thanks again Wendy & Janice

I was diagnosed with the beginnings of dry Macular Degeneration nearly 7 years ago at the age of 80. A few months later I learned about MD Revision, so I have been taking the Saffron tablets ever since. Just one a day. I had an eye test last week and my MD is stable. I thoroughly recommend this product.

Wendy Frances Russell

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