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Buy MD Re-Vision saffron tablets onlineNote 1 : If you do not have an existing PayPal account, that's OK, you can still make your purchase by clicking the dosage you require and completing your purchase as a PayPal guest. Simply click on Pay with Credit or Debit card.

1 tablet per day if you have been recently diagnosed, 2-3 tablets per day if your MD is more advanced, but you are still able to drive and read (even with some difficulty) , 3 - 6 tablets per day if your MD is well advanced.

We will contact you with further instructions upon receiving your order. NB. If you are not a New Zealand resident, please click on the "Overseas" button below:

Note 2 : Deliver to Australia or International The parcel taking between 2 - 27 working days and haven't tracking number with packaging for order of ONE bottle.

Note 3 : We suggest to customers to make order and make sure that you tablets don't run out around 2 - 3 weeks on your time. 


4mth supply @ 1 per day
Price: $107.55

New Zealand:


4mth supply @ 2 per day
Price: $207.55

New Zealand:


4mth supply @ 3 + per day
Price: $302.95

New Zealand:


If it is more convenient, NZ and Australian customers may post a cheque to:

Leksy Stewart (N Sresthiyarangsi)  

Registration number : WKT000191/1
2515 E State Highway 30, RD 2, Whakatane, 3192, New Zealand

If mailing a cheque, please add $10.50 to the prices quoted above (for P&H) and include a note with all your contact details (including an email address if applicable) to enable a rapid despatch of your purchase and on-going communication. www.mdrevision.com